Mike J Rosenfeld | Peak Performance Expert

Mike is in Your Corner

Whether you are looking for a keynote speaker for virtual events, conferences, webinars or fireside chats, Mike is your secret weapon to captivate your audience. Pick from the following topics or have Mike custom create a topic for your audience.

  • Self-Mastery
  • How to Win From Within
  • How to Win Over Adversity and Challenges
  • Overcoming Nervousness, Anger and Negativity
  • Getting Into the Zone
  • Clutch Code; How to Step up when the Stakes are High
  • How to Play Big, Never Settle

Audiences have enjoyed these presentations 

Mike J Rosenfeld is a Peak Performance and Flow State Expert who combines motivation, education, and entertainment in all of his key note presentations. Mike has the unique ability to connect with audiences of all cultures and backgrounds which has provided him the opportunity toshare his method and message nationwide and abroad.