Successful Organizations all over the world over know that good just isn’t good enough. They look to performance coaches to help them reach increasingly high levels of excellence. Coach Mike Rosenfeld believes that continued winning is correlated to an organization’s commitment to people, process and performance.

Coach Mike assists organizational leaders, coaches and players increase productivity and performance through a series or dynamic, confidential and progressive sessions designed to establish and achieve clear goals that will result in True Success, both for the organization and the individual.

Coach Mike helps your team capitalize on it’s assets, enhance it’s vision and create the win.

How will Coach Mike’s coaching program help you get measurable results?

We will begin with a “Discovery Session” to determine whether your needs and this program are a good fit. Meetings are conducted on the phone or in person. Find out how you can increase productivity, performance and profits.

We’ll get clear on your organizations values, vision and goals and pinpoint what is not working and why. We’ll set goals and benchmarks for success. Then, we’ll roll up our sleeves and work together to solve your problems, achieve your goals and gain control with these simple steps:

  1. Identify strengths, core values, and organization /players/ coaches assets.
  2. Develop and implement a strategic plan.
  3. Remove limitations and barriers to success.
  4. Enhance team culture and effectiveness through effective communication
  5. Develop patterns to lesson stress, improve focus, balance, creativity and accountability.