Mike J. Rosenfeld believes in a whole person approach to high performance and success. For that reason, he isn’t the only one behind the high-performance programs offered. There is an amazing team of doctors, wellness experts and strategists working to help provide resources that will help you thrive.


Meet them!

Mike J Rosenfeld | Dr. Ashley Dwyer

Dr. Ashley Dwyer,PharmD is a health coach who helps her clients create healthy, sustainable habits.

Mike J Rosenfeld | Durrell Handwerger

Durrell Handwerger, FNP-C, MSN, BSN  has been on the cutting edge of medicine. His science-based medical expertise combined with his years of working with patients around the country gives him a unique understanding of the importance of individualized medical care.

Mike J Rosenfeld | Nizar

Dr. Nizar Taki is a plastic surgeon turned  performance coach. A student of human consciousness and the nature of reality, he helps clients take control of their realities and step into their true selves through one-on-one coaching.