Mike incorporates yoga, Breath Work therapy and mindfulness into his peak performance practice for professional athletes, corporations, and families. He has been deeply moved by the teachings of yoga since 2004, drawn in by its holistic quality of unifying mind, heart and spirit. As a young boy, he would ask the timeless questions of “why am I here, do I have a purpose?” Mindfulness offers him a platform to explore these questions and a perspective of curiosity that has kept him engaged with the subtle and profound nuances of life.

For Mike, the power and the beauty of the yoga, breath work therapy and meditation practice lie in its capacity to reveal the intelligence of the mind, the wisdom of the heart and the loving nature of Spirit. He feels honored to have spent time with luminous teachers, near and far.

The practice Mike shares continually evolves and comes from him studies in many traditions, with its primary roots in yogic and Kabbalistic lineages. Naam, has been most influential – it awoke his passion for philosophy, intelligent alignment and embodiment. More than a particular style, Mike offers an integration of timeless wisdom and modern day practices in a manner that is meaningful and relevant. He holds space for others to listen deeply, love fully and live whole-heartedly.

By directing the flow of the breath through the awareness to different parts of the body, one can improve overall energy, dissolve tension, fear, anger, sadness and toxic stress. Mike has studied and learned from the world’s leading authorities on Breath work therapy.

Mike’s optimistic and heartfelt commitment to excellence and service to humankind has earned him the respect and recognition of his clients and peers. For the past 16years, He has been helping people from all walks of life with their health, relationships, communication, performance and careers. His teaching is often referred to as intelligent, organic and inspiring.